RV Road Trip Days 18-20: Running from Hurricane Sandy

Day 18: Rhode Island
Basic Details: 96 Miles from Fishermans Memorial Park, RI to Brialee Campground, CT

to follow our route and stops in close to real time check out my google map: 2012 RV Road Trip Map
Ryan and I were both excited to spend some time in Rhode Island. Neither of us had been to this state and it looks much like Maine. We wanted some more lobster and to spend some time on the coast. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The last few days we have been watching Hurricane Sandy and hoping she would turn back into the Atlantic as a couple models predicted.  We were still trying to decided where we would head but didn’t have to decide for a little while. We had another great dinner at a place called Charlie O’s and met some really fun people. One even invited us to park the RV at his home if we needed to. We also had steamers for the first time. We had to be taught to eat them but that was half the fun! Sunday morning we awoke and realized that our  RI coastal adventure wasn’t going to happen and we should probably head inland. Sitting on the coast in an RV with a hurricane approaching doesn’t seem like a very good idea. We needed to be a little bit further inland and we still had the problem that several places were closed for the season. Finally we found a winner: CT.
The park was pretty quiet with just a few people there. We felt like we were on high ground and about 80 miles from the coast so we should be pretty good for the storm. As the power went off, and then gasp, the cable, we contemplated the genius of the RV as a hurricane vehicle. I mean first off, you can drive away from the storm. Hello. Brilliant. We also have a fridge, generator, AC (or heat as it turns out you need for an east coast hurricane), and until a few minutes ago we had cable. We were going to be just fine.
Day 19: Connecticut
No miles…. Weathered the storm at the Brialee Campground
campsite number 2
Sandy is going to  hit today. It is a bit rainy so we will be inside all day. Since we needed something to do we moved campsites (so I guess technically we drove about half a mile). After all, this place is pretty much vacant and there are a number of trees around us. Just in case, we moved to a spot a bit more open. Then we commenced the movie watching and relaxing. I thought I would take this opportunity to show you a little of the inside of our home so you can better appreciate why being inside all day is a little tough.
There is no way I would show photos of how it is now.
These were taking before we rented it. It looks so much nicer without all our stuff everywhere.

View toward the bedroom, see the huge kitchen.

a couple of close ups
Day 20: Chasing Sandy
Basic Details: 409 Miles from Brialee Campground, CT to Roundtop Campground, Gettysburg, PA
After the brunt of the storm hit we decided it was now or never. I mean Connecticut was great but after almost 48 hours in a 200 square foot RV we were ready to be on the move. (Did I mention we didn’t have cable??) We planned an aggressive day of driving from Northern CT to Gettysburg in Southern PA. At about 40 miles an hour 400 miles is big. We made better time sticking to the freeways and interstates but it was a long day. We had a stop in a diner in NY to refuel aka get pie. At the diner counter (which has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) we met some lovely people that were without power in their high rise but things went well for them during the storm. On our other side we met someone that was part of the Friends of Gettysburg group so we are well prepared for the next leg of our adventure.

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