Life List: 74 Things To Do Before I Go

I have recently been inspired by a few blogs I read to create a life list. A list of 100 things I would like to accomplish. Many of mine are travel related but many are simple things I hope to work on someday. So I sat down and started jotting things down. Then I made Ryan sit with me and tell me things he’d like to do. And I couldn’t come up with 100. So, here are 74 things (and counting) I would like to do before I go. These are no particular order: 
1. Have artwork I created on display somewhere public
2. Cook a meal with only food I grew 
3. See the pyramids 
4. Organize a fund raiser 
5. Stomp grapes at a wine harvest 
6. Give someone a scholarship 
7. See all 50 states (I think I am at 22) 
8. See all 7 continents and swim in all 4 oceans (still need: South America, Antarctica, Australia, and the Arctic ocean) 
9. Become conversational in another language 
10. Drive a motorhome or RV

June 2012

11. Drive across the US; perhaps in the RV mentioned above 

12. Sleep in a “hut” over the ocean 
13. See the Great Wall of China 
14. Own a home somewhere beautiful 
15. Visit the Taj Mahal 
16. Learn to knit 
17. Swim with a manatee 
18. Swim with sharks 
19. See Machu Picchu 
20. See the Aurora Borealis 
21. Go to a traditional Indian wedding
22. Wear a sari to said wedding 
23. Go to the Kentucky Derby 
24. See 4th of July fireworks at Mount Rushmore 
25. Celebrate New Years in Australia 
26. Attend mass at the Vatican 
27. Ride in a boat down the Nile
28. Ride in a boat down Buffalo Bayou
April 2010

29. Have a pixie haircut
30. Change my own oil (changed my own coolant… I’m leading up to this)

April 2012

31. Really learn about wine 

32. See a grizzly bear in the wild 
33. Take a photo a day for 365 days 
34. Grow a fruit tree (the sad lime tree in my yard that has never made fruit doesn’t count) 
35. Be a millionaire 
36. Drive on the wrong side of the road and have it be legal 
37. Live in a high rise 
38. Have an employee (does Ryan count?)
39. Host a wine dinner at my home

Sept 2010

41. Live in an historic home 

42. Take a photo with Yao Ming (he’s 50% taller than me) 
43. See a whale breach (or a shark) in the wild, and not just pop up but come flying out of the water 
44. Spend a night at the Raffles Hotel 
45. Visit Washington, DC 
46. Go to a bar made of ice 

November 2011 
Minus 5 in Vegas

47. Go to Spain during the running with the bulls 

48. Eat Tom Yum Goong in Thailand 
49. Drive a convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway

July 2011 – me driving
July 2011 
50. Learn calligraphy 

Jan 2012

51. Drink Guiness at the Guiness Brewery 
52. Visit the Florida Keys 
53. Sleep in a castle 
54. Fly in a hot air balloon (I think it is possible I did this as a kid but I need a refresher as an adult) 
55. Visit the Holy Land 
56. Take summer off. All of it. And spend it at a beach or lake house.
57. Go to a farmers market

Rice U Farmers Market
July 2010

58. Ride the Orient Express 

59. Italy, Italy, Italy 
60. Touch a van Gogh (does it count it I have gotten close enough to touch one? Not sure I am going to     be able to do this one without getting arrested.) 
61. Visit Austria 
62. Go to the Super Bowl 
63. Visit the California wine country 
July 2011
July 2011
Life Lists are better accomplished with friends!

64. Go to a book signing of an author I love 

April 2012
Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess

65. Paint a painting that I will hang in my home

July 2011 – room for improvement here
July 2011
66. See a glacier 
67. Give $100 bill to someone on a street corner 
68. Read 1000 books (the ones I have already ready count) 
69. See Auschwitz 
70. Visit Hungary 
71. Tour the Orange Show 
72. Visit the Galapagos Islands 
73. Take a cooking class from a famous chef (Tyler Florence replied to a tweet I made…getting closer)
73. Sail around the Mediterranean on a yacht 
74. Visit 5o countries (not sure my total here)

75. Get on a plane with just my handbag as luggage  (the spirit of this was to get on a plane spur of the moment not jut with light luggage. I am however proud of my weekend in NOLA with just my purse, a big purse, but still, I am totally counting it)

April 2012

76. Live in a house with 1 digit for an address

77. Own linen linens

8 thoughts on “Life List: 74 Things To Do Before I Go

  1. What a great list! The four of us should go to the ice hotel in Finland(?) while the aurora borealis is out and take care of numbers #20, #66, and #46 and possibly #36. (I'm not sure if they drive on the "wrong side" or if so, you would be willing to bend the rules for an iditarod)

  2. Lets do it! If no one catches you is it really illegal? And for now I would settle for hanging out at La Villa Vista for a couple of days… Another one I was thinking of was "try 50 kinds of vodka." We could do that in a weekend!

  3. Visiting from Jenny's site. Love your list. I had never thought of Mass at the Vatican. Might have to add that one to my list! Beautiful painting by the way. You are very talented.

  4. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our lists do have quite a bit of overlap. I love that you have a mix of both ordinary & extraordinary as well. Here's to achieving great things!

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